views – 2009 World Tour Progress Report

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We left sydney around lunchtime and headed west for the blue mountains. It was a little closer than we expected timewise because it has been a while since we can travel on freeways at regular speeds. So we took a stop at the national forrest I think called katoomba and hiked down for 20 minutes to a breathtaking waterfall. It was the best I have seen in person. The mist and water formed a huge rainbow at the bottom and the rocks the water was falling off of looked so perfectly shaped and somewhat artistic. After we took a few pictures we headed to a hostel, unloaded some gear and then walked to echo point. Here it reminded me of the grand canyon, only greener. We hiked a little here also and tested our cardio at high elevation. I need to work out. But the scenery here was also fantastic. Today we continue west.