chips or fries – 2009 World Tour Progress Report

[Original post by Elliot Mogerman – Transferred from]

We left the blue mountains and officially entered the NSW (new south wales) outback. Like home its around 116 degrees and nothing around for miles. The desert reminds me just like AZ desert. Camping tonight was basically a sweat festival. When riding in this temperature when you stop, sweat, and then ride again, the wind instantly evaporates the water and cools you off for like a millisecond. Then in long stunts the hot air seems to slightly warm and burn your skin like a hot shower you cannot escape from. Oh yeah, happy belated bday to kelly and tamir!

There are all these signs for no fruits, and stop the flies around. Now I know why… They don’t bite like in russia but there are so many of them. It’s like we are in a national geographic episode from ethopian. You kno,w ht kid named phuck or something, with a swollen belly and flies all over his face and they zoom in on the fly crawling around on his eye. Well mike and I are sunburned from the outback sun, our bellies are swollen from all the aussie ice cream, and these flies don’t like arms, or bodies, just faces, especially ears, noses, and eyes. They home right in on us and swarm. I want to say listen, phuck, how do you do it”? phuck, there are so many flies, what does it take to get used to them? But phuck….he isn’t here and the flies don’t care about feelings.

So I promised not to get bit by anything dangerous here, and i have avoided the large spider at the campsight and this crazy bug that got it my tent last night flying around. Then there were like a hundred roosters at our campsight in the morning around us all doing there thing at like 4:30. But there was this one who wasn’t quite right and would try so hard but instead of kockadoodledoo it was like kockadooooooooooooooooooooooooo and then would cough. lol

Next day we ended up in broken hill, sounds like a horror movie. only 112 degrees today but rode all day in a dust storm. This very old historic mining town had absolutely nothing of interest to me. So we sat and drank at the pool the rest of the day and night. All the kangaroos i see are dead and roadkill so still waiting to see one in the wild. Yes I have seen them at zoos, but this is OZ! Meat pies are delicious. The wind is getting crazy. It’s like riding and then getting punched by someone in the head and the wind tries to fly my helmet like a kite. We had this fish called barramundi and it is also pretty tasty. Last night at a campsight, we found a close by pub for dinner. Ordered bacon cheeseburgers. Then they came out with no hamburger in them. It was just bacon and ham. So kind of a blt but i at least had egg in mine. Need to order more carefully next time. But it was funny. The weather in today’s riding started at 77, got up to 112 and then back down to 75. All in a days work! Back in a hostel with beds and showers. yeah!

Tomorrow we have to go straight to sydney because mike’s sidestand broke in the afternoon and he can only get on and off with the centerstand. Makes for a interesting day. I usually have to park and then run over to hold the bike up. And i got a recall letter i need to take care of a potential fuel pump control issue. Thanks mom for letting me know. Until next time.