Sooo how was your holiday? – 2009 World Tour Progress Report

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Mike actually made it to the fish market today! Sounds crazy from the stories he tells me. I ended up going to bed very late and needed to sleep in. The weather has continued to be wonderful and the food and people are still amazing. Despite my attempt to eat healthier I still find myself sitting in front of the computer with ice cream and other fine goodies. Probably because we have been in this hotel/hostel for so long it starts to get comfortable. Hopefully, we can get the bikes in the next week and begin travelling again and get out of this routine of eating. Not that I’m complaining. Who wouldn’t like ice cream on a warm sunny day in the park, and in the hotel, and in restaurants, and in bed, and…….never mind you get the idea.

As I read more and more, I am discovering that writing a book will be fun and a good experience, but I’m going to do it for myself. If it sells, great. Recently, I found out my brother might be interested in taking a trip and visiting me somewhere during the tour. I know kelly is coming soon, and crystal will be visiting me near the end. All of these give me so much to look forward to and I get excited the closer the days come to share these experiences with everyone.

Most of tihs blog is not really about japan because I haven’t done very much in the last few days. Except eat yakitori with like chicken intestine and throat. Throat is very chewy and not very good. But it was sunday and they ran out of all the good food during the week. But the fish market opened this morning and now all restaurants have yummy fresh food for me to choose from. Till next time.