Shake and bake – 2009 World Tour Progress Report

[Original post by Elliot Mogerman – Transferred from]

BMW called and told us it will be another 2 weeks until our bikes are ready. My engine is already being put in, but mikes parts have not arrived yet. Last few days Mike has been staying up late and sleeping in late, so i have had the opportunity to finish some laundry and read some more.

I already finished the new book I started yesterday. It was Robert Parkers blue screen. Easy reading crime who done it novel. This morning I was downstairs reading the last few chapters. There was also a female japanese girl on her laptop diligently working away when suddenly the room started to jolt. Not more than a second went by and I realized we were in an earthquake. The room kind of slid back and forth side to side, but not so bad things were falling or anything. The girl looked up abruptly and squeezed her table. I sat and kind of smirked at her reaction, waiting for it to get better or worse before I offered a similar reaction. Once it stopped a few of the french guys came downstairs to see what woke them up and if there was any damage. Mike of course still slept with a peaceful snore. Turns out Indonesia had a quake and a few people died. But it was so big there we felt it all the way here. Crazy!

Mike and I are going back to the place where all the elctronics are to replace his two broken cameras. And hopefully tomorrow I will wake him up like his father, drill sargeant style, so we can make the early journey to the fish market. Wonder what Ill read next.