Sheezy – 2009 World Tour Progress Report

[Original post by Elliot Mogerman – Transferred from]

Mike’s mission today was to find more maps of Japan. We heard about motorcycle maps, only in japanese, that had all the important roads, camp sights, biker friendly hostels and other stuff marked. After two cities and a whole day of shopping in book stores, he found them and bought the whole 7 series to go through. I bought two more books; short change the next in series from robert parker and velocity a koontz novel. I haven’t read him since highschool.

We ended up at Ikebukuro and visited the Toyota Auto Salon. It is an 8 story building with toyotas full japanese lign up of around 25 car models, hybrids, and a few vans, etc. they also have their F1 car, race cars, and rally car on the basement floor. There are a few kids games and we had fun.

Afterwards, we walked over to sunshine city. A square block of 130 stores, 60 restaurants, aquarium, 360 degree view of the city 60 stories up, and other stuff. The fishes were not seeing anyone too late so I drank tea and we hung out watching the sun set and city lights come on. Any woman would love all the shopping here. In fact, most of the patrons of this “city” were female, and it was packed. Good place to people watch. 😛

Today, park hopping!