Yeah OZ – 2009 World Tour Progress Report

[Original post by Elliot Mogerman – Transferred from]

So in 20 hours we will be in our first english speaking country in 7 months. We are about to board in less than 20 minutes. The last two days we hung out with our travel agent Wendy. The first night we went out to traditional korean bbq dinner. They brought a ton of sides, soup, and a grill where you cut your own pork with scissors. Each item was hotter than the last. But it was very yummy. Then the next day we went sightseeing in the rain and ate dumplings and soup. We saw a korean show like stomp which is the top 10 tourist attractions in seoul, but it is with chefs in a kitchen. It was very funny, and no words so everyone can appreciate the story line. At night we went to another korean bbq place and had like 20 kinds of kimchee and beef bbq this time. Less spicy and very tasty.

With the bikes, we were creative enough to get the money together and finally gave full payment to the travel agent for shipping the bikes. Then we bought our tickets online for ourselves. When we arrived to the airport they wouldn’t let us board because we never bought a ticket out of australia and i guess they dont want you coming in without a plan to leave. But we of course talked our way around the system and are headed to aussie one way with our bikes. hahahaha Talk to you soon.