Time fries – 2009 World Tour Progress Report

[Original post by Elliot Mogerman – Transferred from yahoogroups.com]

So we ate at bennigans and I had tons of fried food american style. It was pretty nice. We have been riding for two days straight so a relaxing night with some american comfort food was alright. Early in the morning we rode to the crating and shipping company to send our bikes to australia.

We arrived around 9am and took our bikes apart, including the windshield, front tire, cases, etc. Then for the next 5 hours we watched them build a wooden crate from scratch for our bikes. We loaded, tied them down and finally got back to our hotel around 4pm.

For dinner we chose a little korean place where no one spoke english except for the couple next to us. Without them we would have never been able to order. So we had spicy ramen soup and awesome meat dumplings. It was interestingly spicy and very good. Last night in japan however, i thought of the menu item i didn’t tell you about. The menu had moist cock and it was recommended by the chef. Glad i avoided it, probably would have been small portion. hahahaha

So we found out our bikes are going on a plane today and we had to get our tickets to aussie for monday. So we really only have two days to see korea. Today we will walk around and see what we can.

Also, the travel agent tells us last night we cannot pay by credit card. This causes a problem since, as a traveler, we dont keep that kind of cash on us daily. So today we are trying to figure out how to pull cash together to pay for shipping the bikes. Wish us luck.