To hair or not to hair – 2009 World Tour Progress Report

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So the next day was spent pretty much sending out dozens of emails to put out feelers on the bike stuff. From bmw general customer service, to japanese dealers, to the carnet people and finally private individuals that are bikers located around the world. Turns out bmw customer service in US and in UK say any authorized dealer around the world should do the warranty work, but it has to be pre approved by japanese dealer and or customer relations. Unfortunately, there is no such department in japan and all dealers are closed due to a national holiday for the next week. I have several options depending on what happens the day after we arrive when they all open.

One they fix it and all is well. 2, they fix it outside of warranty i pay for a new engine and try to get reimbursed from bmw. 3, the same but no reimbursment. 4, no fix and i sell it for scrap and parts and rent or buy a new bike. 5, etc… Anyway will keep you all updated.

For those of you, mom and alan, you might want to avoid looking at the next upload of pictures. It is official, for the first time in history Elliot has a shaved head. Not too much different than when I get a really short haircut. Ha, ok very different. But Mike should have those posted in a few days. Not to worry, it should grow back before I get to Australia.

Three russian bikers came to the hostel last night and one really fat, old, loud american from vegas. He was up most of the night trying to speak russian and then snored the rest of the night. Fortunately, i have the ear plugs from riding, so popped those in and managed to get some sleep. In a few hours Yuri and his american biker friend will pick us up with a truck to take our bikes to the customs loading zone and storage yard. This is where we leave them until we board the boat on sunday. His friend turns out will be taking the same boat with us with his own bike. So there will be someone we know that speaks russian and english on the ship.