Hey everyone! – 2009 World Tour Progress Report

[Original post by Elliot Mogerman – Transferred from yahoogroups.com]

So this is the beginning of this adventure. Day one left my only home I have ever known and rode to vegas to say goodbye to my brother. It was a pretty nice 104 degree ride all the way. I stopped about four times to rest since I had plenty of time to arrive. Besides a little lower back pain which went away shortly after arriving it was nice. The desert was unchanged since the last time i rode through that way but it seemed a little different because of why I was travelling through. Anyway, had a agreat mediterranean dinner with Mike and had a good nights rest. Yesterday, rode to LA with only one stop for gas and arrived with a sore ass. The temp went from 105 in the vegas desert to 84 on the freeway of southern cali. On the way the wind in the mountains was so strong I was leaning my bike almost 45 degrees over just to go straight to fight the wind. Passers in other vehicles were looking at me like james bond. Kind of funny. Then a few miles from Kris and Sarah’s place on the LA freeway some old biatch in a bmw station wagon almost hit me from behind. Jeff calm down. lol Traffic stopped suddenly and I looked in my riewviews to see a car speeding up way to fast to stop and started screeching it’s tires. Fortunately,when I learned to ride my instructor gave me some advice to always keep your bike in gear and not neutral at a stop. So when I saw her coming I released the clutch and sped into the middle of both lanes in front of me in between two cars. And the bmw station wagon finally screeched to a halt right where my bike was. Whew. Had a few yummy beers and a great crab sandwich with my friends we watched some b movies and another awesome nights sleep in sarah’s very comfy bed. Off to San Fran after breakfast.