Oregon and more than halfway there – 2009 World Tour Progress Report

[Original post by Elliot Mogerman – Transferred from yahoogroups.com]

So I’m on my cell and starting with today and working backwards. Right now eating dinner. The ride here was a realization why I’m doing this. As I rode through northern cali and a place called shasta ntl forrest I was almost choked up at the beauty of simpleness. Riding through mountains like a video game swirving right and left up to higher elevations I would see coming over a forresty hill ice capped mountains in front of me. Peacefullness and praries anything from streams to lakes. I stopped at this deli and had the best sub ever like mr submarine when I was a kid. People are starting to take an interest now in smaller communities talking and being friendly. Its nice. No schedule just riding and today was fucking exhausting. Alan and dawn hooked me up last night and this morning with a full belly and a little beer. Kris and sarah in la where awesome and let me sleep in her most comfortavle bed ever. The ride today was anywhere from 64 to 90. Yesterday was 84 to 104. Its weird felling the changes and pockets of temperatures. Love and miss u all.