sochu or so jew? – 2009 World Tour Progress Report

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Tried sochu which is japanese vodka from sweet potatoe. They mix it with green tea, but i had it straight. Kind of like grey goose because it is smooth with no bite. Not bad.

BMW emailed me and said the engine arrived. They got it faster than i thought. The dealership had to move my bike to another location with better facilities to perform the replacement and repair. No idea on timeframe, but it’s being worked on now which is a good sign.

This weekend will be busy. We are meeting with a friend from an online biker community that helped me while in russia translate with japanese dealerships. He will take us out to traditional japanese dinner tonight and show us his city. Tomorrow is the tokyo beer festival and brazilian samba carnival. Should be a long fun day. We missed the shootboxing event which is life UFC, but on oct 31 i just found out is the national rugby championship between australia and new zealand in tokyo. If we are here for that, we have to go, will be amazing. Also, will check out a sumo match in a few weeks.