Nappon fun – 2009 World Tour Progress

[Original post by Elliot Mogerman – Transferred from]

So we started the day by touring the Corporate headquarters for Asahi beer. They had a 22nd floor drinking room with a great view of the city. Mike took a video and might post it soon. The restroom actually had a better view than the cafe. Afterwards, we walked over to the entertainment area and watched new age video games being played. There was a guitar hero game where the guy was playing so fast I couldn’t even register the notes or colors flying through the screen and he was playing perfectly. He is not invited to our guitar hero parties. Another game used playing cards being pushed over a large surface to move characters around and I could not figure out how they did anything else. The way you move the card does stuff and it was amazing to watch.

The next day we toured the 8 floor sony building. They have a full digital aquarium you can walk through and is interactive. Also they had a huge flat screen tv movie screen that plays 3d movies of the ocean. It was beautiful, I want to sail now. The non released equipment they have for cameras and stuff were very cool too. Went back to electro city and walked around some more. Still eating my way through this county. Tried Mos burger which is their version of Mcdonalds meets In n Out. it wasn’t as good, but interesting tastes. Then more sushi for dinner. Probably tempura tomorrow and fried quail eggs.