Russian Quickie – 2009 World Tour Progress

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…is he nuts, is he ok, is his bike ok, does he have enough money, are he and Mike fighting, will he really go to South America, how’s his mother taking all this, why won’t he listen to any of us, what will he do when he returns, where will he live, is he normal, why can’t he be as smart and as stable as his cousin Alan? The best quote I think I have ever heard and definitely worth sharing. Pretty much sums up the conversations and thoughts of everyone who is a part of this experience. Thanks cuz! So, the Russians are taking good care of me and today I had an ultrasound and some more blood tests. The ultrasound showed I have an inflamed pancreas and that I had to pee. Seriously. Ok, so the skinny is this: I will be on this strict diet for another week and medications for about two more weeks. I have seen a significant improvement in the last day and feel a lot better. With docs ok we will be heading out of this town Monday morning and headed into Mongolia in the next 5 days. Then plan on about 2 weeks or so and back into Russia and slowly make our way to Japan. This hotel room is driving me crazy and I’m ready to get out. Even more ready to eat real food in a few weeks. Like how I avoided answering all those questions..