Healing…Nothing more than healing – 2009 World Tour Progress Report

[Original post by Elliot Mogerman – Transferred from yahoogroups.com]

Ok, so in the morning yesterday I do my diligence on doctors and unfortunately my health insurance approved doctors in this city are not working today or no longer work at their facilities. As a result, I facilitate the help of the front desk in finding a doctor and they call the same new clinic, opened 4 months ago, that the consulate recommends and caters t foreigners by having translators on staff.

The doctors end up making a house call and visit me in my room. One is English speaking and the other I think is her boss. We spend a lot of time going over info and then they tell me a nurse will be by in an hour to start some medications and treatment. This is because if I were to go to a Russian clinic or hospital any sign of an infectious disease I would be quarantined for up to 3 weeks. So they feel it is to my advantage to get better in the hotel room in 4-5 days. I agree and an hour later two nurses show up as one is the English interpreter.

They hook me up to an IV and I get 5 bags of fluids. Furthermore, I receive three different medications to take and then have to give a “sample.” Ewww. I get an email from another doctor with a new list of a diet to follow during treatment. Anyway, after about 3-4 hours they leave and will return tomorrow. My stomach feels a lot better and my trips to my recent new home, the bathroom, are very less frequent. So today I will be talking to the doctors to review the results of the tests and see if we need to change treatment. Thank goodness for real doctors that know what they are doing.

Ok, so result and info time. This morning talked to the docs. They said that whatever infections I had in Kazak were likely killed by all the medications the doctors there gave me. However, the medicines also completely were unhealthy and made me more sick. They also found nothing still living in the tests but think there might be a hard to find organism still alive. So, they are giving me a medication which will kill the small one that might still be left. Also, I am receiving medication to get the good bacteria back into my body which was completely killed with the bad medicine I took last week. Another drug also flushes my system to get out all the dead and bad stuff left behind from the above info. Then the fluids they give also have stuff in them to help try and balance my system. The big thing is getting the good stuff back in and keeping a balance while eliminating the inflammation going on in my digestive track. It’s been under so much trauma they are being careful on taking time to do it right. This is because it still wants to reject anything and everything because of what has happened and there’s nothing good left in it. Or so I understand in communication. They also gave me a diet, and emailed it to the hotel and called the restaurant manager to make sure they prepare food the right way for me to help. So far I think all the staff knows who I am because I walk into the restaurant and say I have a diet the chef knows and they are like, yeah we know. Maybe it’s the beard. Maybe I’ll shave it when I feel better and trick them. Muahaha