New Zealand – 2009 World Tour Progress Report

[Original post by Elliot Mogerman – Transferred from]

So how am I supposed to feel now that we have arrived at the last country of our journey? It’s coming to an end in two months and one week. I have made many friends internationally, had so many wonderful experiences, learned that value is more important than success (thanks Einstein), sad it is ending, but happy to be able to share the stories and experiences with friends and family. So many questions answered, and many more opened up and left to be sought after with time.

I laugh at the jokes like when Aussies say Americans have funny accents because we use our tongues too much. Instead of dancing it should be daaahncing, instead of apple, it should be ahple and so forth. I take this comment as a compliment. And I am proud to walk around and say yes indeed I am a formidable tongue practitioner of the language. A few nights ago I managed to catch the season premier of 24 and it is pretty good. Mike and I went for a jog the other night. See the crazy shit we do when our bikes are not accessibly.

This morning we woke at 3 am to arrive at the airport by 4am. Flying Qantas we figured it should be an easy process. When we arrived at checkout they told us without the printout of our confirmation leaving the country, they would not let us fly out or they get a fine. So long story short, Mike paid for internet access at the counter and showed her a confirmation email. Funny thing, is not one person in immigration or customs for either country ever asked to see it or cared about how we are leaving. Anyway, we arrived around lunchtime and went to the import international cargo area. Unfortunately, our bikes are a few hours away from making it there. Since it’s Sunday, customs already has closed, but quarantine is open 24/7. They are so much more efficient than Australia quarantine was. Anyway, in a perfect world tomorrow we should get all of our paperwork stamped, signed and bikes delivered within a few hours and little headache.

Since we do not have our bikes tonight again, I think we are crazy and will probably go for another 30-45 minute run before dinner. Then tomorrow back to the riding and camping routine. Beer, bike, and boos, woohoo! I think we are heading down to the south island and starting in Christchurch.