Clutz – 2009 World Tour Progress Report

[Original post by Elliot Mogerman – Transferred from]

You can hide a clutz in japan but you can’t hide japan from a clutz. Yesterday I went to Tokyo dome city. Very cool with bowling alleys, baseball, bubba gumps, and onsen, hot spring spa. Worth going back to soon. It was rainy, windy and overcast. Then received an email that we can pick our bikes up monday. Very cool.

Woke up today for a beatiful rather warm sunny day. I went to Shibuya for the sri-lanka indian festival. Lots of good food, music, and people. While walking around yoyogi park (and no i didn’t see the bear) i found an older couple trying to get there slightly larger dog across a small fountain to a little island in the middle. Jew to the rescue. I take off my shoes and socks, roll up my jeans and tell the dog no fear, jew is here. I pick him up and start the trek through very shallow dirty park lake water. Now seemed like a nice idea at the time.

Except the ground was as slippery as ice. I stopped moving but my feet kept sliding and when the dog twisted down we both went. No worries, i turned to my side to save the dog from getting smooshed but landed on my elbow. i got right up after the embarrasing fall and completed my mission. When done they pointed to my elbow. When I looked down the bone was smiling up at me. No break or anything, no need to be alarmed. Just a formidable gash. Guess that’s why they call it elbow grease. eww

Anyway my first aid kit is on the bike which i will go to tomorrow. However, not sure i can ride back now. Need the antiseptic, butterfly bandages and some gauze and tape. Will be fine after some time and swelling goes down. For now Im using some saleen solution to rinse, antibacterial ointment some other hostel person had, and a bandage. Oh vey