ah so – 2009 World Tour Progress Report

[Original post by Elliot Mogerman – Transferred from yahoogroups.com]

So the day started off early. At 6am went to fujiki fish market. Wow, so many thing going on at same time. Fish bigger than me getting sliced and diced by jigsaws and samarai swords. Fish auctions and people lining up to eat sushi before the sun comes out. Temp was very hot today and after I had enough of the fish smell and guts everywhere, i came back and met Mike to get our bikes from the dealer.

We took a one hour train ride to the dealer and took delivery of our bikes. Yeah! Put on cases, said our thanks and how great it was to head back to the hotel. My elbow held up, i thought, pretty nicely. It hurt a few times here and there, but the extended position and keeping it elevated provided a support so it didn’t hurt unless I was turning or manouvering.

After a total of 3 hours in all, we made it back to the hostel around 6pm. When I took my jacket off the situation was a little more grim. My elbow had been bleeding pretty bad on the journey and was three times more swollen than it was in the morning, which it was still pretty bad. So I made a promise to see the doctor if it continued to bleed after picking up the bikes from my last blog, and then another promise to mom.

I took a friend that spoke japanese to the clinic and they looked and played around with my elbow. Turns out the leaking is no longer just blood, but a very bad infection. So they gave me pain pills, antibiotics, and i have to see them everyday for the next five days to get new bandages and keep an eye on things. Pretty dificult to sleep with all the factors around me, so I’m writing the blog, and hope everyone has a great day today. I will keep you updated as usual. Peace!