be my mate – 2009 World Tour Progress Report

[Original post by Elliot Mogerman – Transferred from]

Met a few guys from cali and another one from england. We went to the pubs and bars around the hostel. The first night I lost a fusball table soccer competition trying to win a free night at the hostel. We went out with some germans, aka the hofs, (hasselhoffs) and found a bar to dance. Of course, the san fran guy and i are entertaining the group and an indian girl is sitting in the corner watching us dance. She doesn’t look terribly happy but might have just be alone and sulking so I motion for her to dance with us. She comes over and in a few seconds starts crying on my shoulder. Only me, right? After I stop laughing we were able to find her friend so she could get help from someone that cares. lol Then last night we were at a pub and have not eaten dinner, so we order pizza delivery and the whole bar sat and watched us eat yummy pizza while we drank our jugs of white rabbit. No one knew they could do that, leave it to the americans. Weather continues to be wonderful. Mike obtained some aussie maps for the gps and we are getting ready to take off in a few.