Mongolia (short) – 2009 World Tour Progress Report

[Original post by Elliot Mogerman – Transferred from]

We woke up had a decent continental breakfast and began sightseeing. Went to the big Buddhist Monastery and checked out the city. We still have some more pics to take tomorrow of the town center and some cool looking buildings. We ate lunch at an ok German place because the American bar we wanted to try was closed. I tried paris schnitzel and Mike had a club sandwich. Also, we tried a Mongolian bbq place but their big wok was broken. Maybe tomorrow. For dinner we ate Italian food and there was a night club over the restaurant as part of it. We checked it out but it was weird. So we made friends with two guys from Hong Kong and a local tour guide from the club and went to a disco to dance until 4am. Came back to the Hotel and the doors were closed. We started getting worried but after a minute the late night bell man finally opened the doors to let us in.

We slept in a little, walked around some more, and are going to Casablancas for dinner tonight. This place was recommended by a waiter back home at Butterfields in Scottsdale. I took a nap and worked out. Mike spent all day working on the pictures to get out to everyone. We went out to a club but I wasn’t feeling it. So after a few hours I was falling asleep on a couch Mike decided It was time to head back and go to bed. I woke up feeling pretty rested and we went for a final day of sightseeing.

Tomorrow we leave for the border. We will camp at the border and go through early the next day and make a mad dash for Japan in the hope to get there early and start enjoying a new change of pace.