Last day in Moscow – 2009 World Tour Progress Report

[Original post by Elliot Mogerman – Transferred from]

Sooooo we stayed in Moscow one extra day due to how I feel. Let’s start with our experience with Sergei. Mike returned from sightseeing and we both got ready for our evening. Sergei picked us up and off we go to a Ukrainian pektopah(restaraunt). The food here was better than the food in Ukraine. We started with vodka, a type of Russian Sourdough and a salmon patte spread for the bread. Then a small appetizer to eat after each vodka drink which was full of flavor but no idea what it was. Then Borsht soup, bread rolls stuffed with different fillings, an egg-meat salad, sashlik which is like shishkabob, juice, tea, oh vey we were full. We meet his girlfriend and another BMW rider friend and will meet them later at a motorcycle club Sexton. Before we get there Sergei takes us sightseeing and we were inspired by some of the amazing monuments and sights. Unfortuantely, the batteries on Mike’s camera died so we are waiting for Sergei to email us some of the pictures. After sighteeing we went to the club. The front had a large motorbike probably 100 feet in the air, of course not real but cool. When you walk in it looks like a vegas version of Greasewood flats. Lots of stages for live bands, a very large hot tub if you get too drunk, tons of room for bikes, a sales area if you decide to buy a new bike, and the entrance to the club. Once inside it is crazy. Pass the dry ice, dj and stage areas, you see mad max thunderdome meets techno club. The walls and ceilings have bike parts, engines, boat parts, metalrgy, chaos. Great scene with high energy and good for those with A.D.D. So people are dancing, we have a few beers, they get us more food. Mike polishes his shrimp salad off, I polish the shrimps but couldn’t even find room for the salad. Mike dances with everyone and I try not to overedue it because I stillfeel under the weather. We go home and wake up at seven to see how i feel for our trip to Volgograd. Of course, didn’t happen. Still not up to par so we stayed one more day and we are leaving no matter what tomorrow. So I slept all day, literally, and mike spent all day getting pictures out to you. Ready for dinner, retire early, and not sure when I will write next, but best wishes and till next time.