Kazak cont. – 2009 World Tour Progress Report

[Original post by Elliot Mogerman – Transferred from yahoogroups.com]

In the morning I went to a hospital/clinic next to the hotel and saw the director of medicine. She gave me “stuff” to take care of my ailments. I researched them on the web before taking them and all looked right. By the next day my stomach feels much better and still working on the cough. Mike and I worked more on the bikes and got mine running better. The general manager of the Marriott Dirk Vlierboom saw us outside and came out to introduce himself. Also, offered to have his chief engineer come out and look at the bikes if we wanted. We appreciated the gesture, but even if they figured it out there would be no way to get the parts we need quickly if it could be diagnosed. So it still stalls on me but seems to start up just fine.

So tomorrow we have arranged a new route to a bmw dealer north of us in Russia and have emailed them to expect us in a few days. Mike banged out one of my cases that crunched in the crash and we will work on getting that to fit today. We ran into another oil guy in the early evening and he took us to meet his friends at a bar called guns and roses. I didn’t drink, don’t worry, and they loved our trip and stories. We might meet up with one today for a possible sponsorship. After the bar, we went to one of the American’s homes and hung out for a little and then took a taxi back to the hotel. I slept all night through and thoroughly enjoyed it. Probably won’t have internet for several days until we return to Russia as this hotel was the first access we have had in Kazak.