Vampire land – 2009 World Tour Progress Report

[Original post by Elliot Mogerman – Transferred from]

Woke up early for a long day of riding. We said goodbye to our german and holland campsight friends and left for transelvania. It begun raining the minute we left until we arrived 10 hours later. The rain gods we not happy with us for some reason and unloaded their fury. So lesson number one, hydroplaning. This was a fun experience while taking narrow curvey mountain roads. Let me step back a second. Before we left budapest as we were going for gas for the day we passed a parking lot full of hungarian motorcycle cops. We pulled in and asked to take a picture. We not only got what we wanted, but also a show from them as they prepared to show off at an upcoming hero festival. Also, they gave us some patches for our jackets or souveniers. I am going to have it stitched on my arm, it is an official hungarian police badge. Cool, huh? Once we left hungary and entered romania there were random girls standing on the freeway every 30 miles or so in the rain. It took a few passes to figure out they were “working.” At night we couldn’t find the campsight and when we did they were locked up and closed for the day. So we found a nearby cheap motel with internet and made it a night. Once it’s closing time in europe good luck getting someone to help. But it was a good nights sleep and we were able to upload lots of videos, etc and get caught up, almost. I’m sure romania is beautiful but it was so dark with the heavy rain and fog yesterday we couldn’t see anything. We ate at this top of a mountain and there was so much fog you couldn’t see 100 ft in front of you. Would have been perfect for a vampire to come out. But no sightings, or that which i will lead you to beleive. hahahaha