hi does not mean hi – 2009 World Tour Progress Report

[Original post by Elliot Mogerman – Transferred from yahoogroups.com]

We found another hostel that is half the price and only a few kilometers away from our current spot. So we check out and lug our bags up the street in the hot weather to check into the new cheaper place. Here is a traditional Japanese accomodation. Public baths, and you lay out a mat and sleep on the floor. Mike and I are once again sharing a room but have extra money now for more food and train tickets.

That night we went for sushi at a little place with like 8 chairs. We ate delicious sushi until we were very full and it only cost $7 a person. Not too bad. the saki here is also very good and sold in individual bottles. The big bottles they only pour into glasses but i will get one yet.

We met two other californians and hung out for a day and went to the local pub. We were the only ones there and the bartender kept bringing us food all night. There are so many american chain restaraunts here that I would never expect. Like cocos, dennys, wendys, 7/11, sizzler, baskin robbins, and dominoes. But a pizza here is like $40 and small. Thank goodness we will not eat american food because it is smaller portion and more expensive. but japanese food is larger portion, better, and cheaper.

Today for lunch I had the spiciest soup with very tender pork. Killed my stomach, but was very good. I bought a new book, hard to find english ones here, to read during my free time as the new testament wasn’t doing it for me. Today, went to Uden park and saw some great temples, coy fish, and mutant lilly pads on steroids. Tonight we might go to Propaganda a bar outside of town and then tomorrow run some errands for friends.

Japan is living up to the hype so far and we are good. I can’t seem to get a consistent workout schedule but i have almost gained back most of my weight from Kazakhstan. Just need more muscles now to polish it up. Getting excited to see Kelly in a few weeks. Will be nice, I like Mike and all, but he’s not doing for me everyday. HAHA