Fish blow – 2009 World Tour Progress Report

[Original post by Elliot Mogerman – Transferred from]

So found out the famous deadly poisonous blow fish i wanted to try while here is not in season. So some places may have a part of the tail forzen or something, but can’t get the specialty until next season. So, that means more delicious japanese food that wont kill me. Sorry Khazakstan, you will be missed for your attempt, but you are alone in effort.

Yesterday was the start of a two day rainstorm still going strong. I will be trecking through the rain today for Steve’s knives. Yesterday was pretty uneventful. We sat in the hotel lobby, mike worked on getting pictures ready to upload, and i read 300 pages of a new book i bought, The Rainmaker. At dinner time, Mike and his extreme love of pasta led us back to his local raman restaraunt. It was pretty good. Then at night, what better to do in a rainstorm than get snacks and watch a movie. So we went to the store, bought shit we didn’t need to eat, and sat in the room and watched a two part movie on the laptop.

I woke up and had a wonderful morning video conferencing with missed loved ones and chatted for a while. Mike still slept through until lunch time since he was up all night watching hells kitchen. I have been up early because the snoring was pretty bad. I feel sorry for people in rooms next to us when we are both on our peak game of who snores the loudest.