Ahhh soooo – 2009 World Tour Progress Report

[Original post by Elliot Mogerman – Transferred from yahoogroups.com]

So I am missing friends and family from home because there are so many things I want to share with everyone at the same time while I am here. In the morning I woke up and we grabbed a taxi to meet the transport truck at the Fukushi port. On the way we stopped by a bakery and I had the best pastry ever. Remember in Austria I had a dessert called Spaghetti Nutella? Well this was like the pastry version and sooo good. The truck showed up on time and we loaded both bikes effortlessly, the guy was a pro. We went for a walk around Takaoka and ate udon noodles with shrimp tempura, yum. Then some really good ice cream and we did the tourist thing until dinner. Actually before we went back out to eat, for the first time we all had seperate rooms because it was cheaper and I listened to classical music on the radio and relaxed for a few hours just laying in bed. Mike, Doug and I left for dinner and I found a nice looking small sushi restaraunt and wow. The alleys and walkways are like out of the movies and very interesting.

At the sushi place, it was a husband and wife team. They first gave us a vinegar and blended seaweed bowl. Then I ordered two nigiri assortment platters. The sushi was fucking great. Im not sure if it was avoiding it for the last 4 months or it was just that good but everything was delicious. Then we went to the store, got some mroe snacks, and went back to the hotel for a movie before bed. Tomorrow we will board a train and be on our way to tokyo. A long night of weird dreams, and I ended up sleeping in. Then I just laid around listening to more music and waiting for everyone to get going. Now we are finishing packing and Mike has directions written in japanese to get us on the trains and to Tokyo. Wish me luck with BMW. Next blog should hopefully have good news.

Thanks mom for liking my new dew. 🙂