Hola from Hungary – 2009 World Tour Progress Report

[Original post by Elliot Mogerman – Transferred from yahoogroups.com]

Ok, so the pics are all up on www.mikesworldtour.com but for some reason yahoo is giving us problems uploading them all. And we are still working on movies. We can only do one per time as they take like an hour.

So yesterday we stayed at this campsight by a lake in slovakia. Next to the camp was a hotel called hotel Flora. We were told they have free wifi. So we walked over after dinner and holy crap. It was full of hillbillies. Yikes! (kris it came true, almost) There were super drunk guys in just orange overalls throwing bottles and pool cue sticks. Slamming glasses on the bar and tables and everyone looked at us like we would fit perfect in a ditch putting the lotion on itself. Anyway, we chugged our beers and the interent was password protected. So we left. As we walked out there was a really skinny transvestite walking in with some other hillbilly. Shim was really gross skinny and wearing this dress the hillbillies probably stole at the campsight. I ate stroganoff and it was really tasty. So today we just arrived at a classic 50’s diner 5 minutes into the border in hungary and they have internet. So I thought we should send out the update before we get into another internet dry zone. The weather is clear and warm. Probably 85 degrees. I’m learning the metric system now since i’ve never had practice with it before. Everything is meters, km, litres, and celsius. The further east we go the less people speak english and the calmer the countryside becomes. Riding is more relaxing without all the traffic. I just put japanese on my shuffle so during day trips and at night I should learn enough to get through Japan. One week we will be in russia. Talk soon!