[Original post by Elliot Mogerman] – October 10, 2009 –

Get it? lol

So I’m working backwards from today because my brain is tired and everything is meshing together. I have finished two more books; Koontz “Velocity” and Grishams “The Partner.” Both wonderful readings and kept me entertained for the last few weeks.

Yesterday, I went to see a musical by the Tokyo station. Aida was playing, and it was all in Japanese but the music by Elton John and the choreography? was very different to suit the Japanese taste for dance. It was quite fun actually. Then I ended up at a traditional Japanese style restaurant/bar and found a table of older previous Japanese exchange students who all speak English and have kept in touch with each other for years since they were all part of the same group. So I hung out with them and shared travel stories until I had to catch the last train home.

Definitely been catching up on movies and TV shows. Research for book writing and gathering agents, publishers is very tedious and I think it might have to wait until i have a real office to continue. The typhoon weather seems to be over now and it pretty much reminded me of monsoon season back home. But I did manage to get my bike back to BMW for the last maintenance and everything is good. My bike and I are ready to continue our adventure. Mike should be back in less than a week and we will arrange our departure from Japan to either Korea and then Australia or just Australia. This depends on timing and price.

The elbow was x-rayed and looks like just deep inflammation for the time being and remains stiff and sore but manageable and tolerable. In a few weeks if it is still causing problems I will get it checked out with an mri to see if anything else was damaged at the doctors request. Until then Advil seems to do me well as long as I keep it consistent. Talk soon!