My First Adventure Camping

[Original post by Kelly Eung] – October 05, 2009 –


What an experience. We camped at a site near Choshi … East of Tokyo. We couldn’t find the original site we wanted to camp at, but went to camp site plan B. Camp site B was closed, so we camped right outside of site B. A lady who lived in the area told us we could camp there. It was flat land off of a dirt road…. By a creek. It was nice!

Elliot scoped the area. He said, “Not many mosquitoes, which is good, but there are jumping spiders everywhere.” Yeah like effen’ everywhere. Oh my god, there were JUMPING spiders everywhere!! None the less, he says they are not poisonous. I trust the man and just stomp my feet wherever I go. When I had to pee, I peed fast, in hopes that none would JUMP into my crack. Elliot, you were right, they were harmless.

We had ramen, tea, nuts, and beef jerky for dinner. Since that was our only food we had … that was THE MOST delicious RAMEN ever.

In the town of Chioshi, there is an intercom that would play throughout the town … around 7am and 8pm… It begins with some pretty keyboard music … sometimes followed by some Japanese speaker. We figured it was the announcement for the city to “go to work” and to “come home from work.”

We crawl into the tent after dinner. As we lay there telling each other stories, we are listening to loud crickets, the intercom, a group practicing taiko (for an hour or so), fish flapping in the creek, and the sound of a stray kitty walking around the camp site. Every now and then, El and I would wake up to toss and turn. Every time I heard a new noise, I would have a new dream. After hearing the crickets, I dreamed that I was sawing a piece of wood and the saw blades were dull. I didn’t accomplish much in my dream. I later dreamed that I was driving with my sis, and my car would not go on the on ramp of a freeway. So, I made her go out and push the car. The car did not want to drive. When I woke up, I heard some strange owl hoot and my nose was stuffed. My poor engine didn’t want to budge, and I couldn’t breathe. Wonderful.

We crawl out of our tent, put our equipment away in the bikes and move on. We decide to have breakfast at the beach!!! It was a romantic morning. We continue our drive to camp site #2 near Soma.


We actually stayed at a campsite in Soma. It was exactly like I expected. It had working showers, sinks, benches, trees and bushes. There were no jumping spiders here. *sigh.

Overall, I enjoyed my camping adventure.