[Original post by Elliot Mogerman] – October 26, 2009 –

So I forgot to mention the great architecture of Kyoto and how the houses and buildings actually appeared what i thought traditional japan would look like. At all temples Japanese believe it is good luck to throw coins into a hole. At the golden temple there was a bowl in a yard to throw change into. I threw a few coins and made one in the bowl. A group of school kids applauded my efforts and proceeded to befriend me by high fives and saying nice compliments about me.

In Nara we stopped at the Todai-Ji temple which is the worlds largest wooden structure. In fact, it also contains the worlds largest indoor Buddha. Both were wonderful sights. Around the temple grounds are tons of domesticated deer waiting for handouts from the tourists. We walked around, it was overcast and cloudy but kept us pretty dry. At night we ate at Cocos.

We woke up yesterday from Nara and headed to Koyosan. Here on the mountain is a large old cemetery in the forest and is lit up by lanterns. It was quite amazing. However, there is an Okinawa hurricane that hit us all day with rain and wind. We ate traditional Japanese comfort food of omelet filled with rice, chicken and covered in ketchup.

I remembered a story about mike that we both had a laugh at. We are staying at an old monastery turned into a hostel. It is very traditional with the sliding thin paper doors and windows, surrounded by zen gardens. But even though it looks old, it is clean and has all amenities. They have sheets with an oval hole in it to stuff with a thick blanket. First time mike saw one of these, he thought how does a person fit inside one of these sheets. Anyway, today we are headed to Osaka and then Kobe for some yummy beef.