Skipper Or Captain

December 08, 2009 7:09 PM [Original post by Elliot Mogerman]

Mike’s parents came to Sydney for part of their vacation and I met them for dinner at the harbor. Mike ordered barramundi and I had john dori for the first time. I always saw it on hells kitchen and decided to try the famous filet. Mine was so much better than mike’s! The next day we all woke up early and met at the Chinese garden of friendship. It was so beautiful and filled with exotic plant life, lakes, waterfalls, reptiles, and well taken care of. The desserts were not very impressive but the tea was nice. Later that day we visited the Sydney tower after walking through Hyde park. At the tower, we had a great view of Sydney and the surrounding area. There was an attraction we took advantage of called Oztrek. It is similar to star tours in Disneyland and takes the audience for an interactive virtual ride of Australia. After getting jolted around for several minutes we parted ways and I went back to the hostel to prepare for surf camp that weekend.

I finished my Koontz book, by the light of the moon, and strongly recommend it to everyone. Mike’s mom donated another book for me to read and I will be starting that one soon. Then Tamir recommended a book I will be working on afterwards. At 6pm I met the buses and my fellow surf camp friends in front of the Scubar and off we went for a 2 hour ride south to seven mile beach. We ate delicious hamburgers for dinner at a famous Aussie burger joint. The burger with the works has egg, bacon, salad, pineapple, and beats. After dinner we unpacked at a RV slash cabin type camping facility. It had everything you need and was only a few minutes walk from the beach. That next morning at 7am we were in wet suits getting lessons on the sand about standing up on the board. We all received 9 foot boards and were sent into the water. After a few minutes I was standing up and riding the small waves the tide was bringing us. I had my fair amount of crashes by lunchtime. We took a few hour break and had sandwiches. Then returned to the water. I upgraded to an 8’6″ board. The smaller they are, the harder it is to balance, but easier to maneuver. The rest of the day I got acquainted to different ways of falling in the water and riding green waves. These are the waves before they crash and become white. That night we went dancing at the local pub. Again at 7am, we were off to the beach and I began with an 8 foot board and was doing great. Another break, and one guy and myself began lessons to shuffle (moving up and down the board) and turning. We both upgraded to a 7 foot board. And then the tide went low, the wind cam in, rips were forming, and the waves were our size and huge. So the remainder of the day I ended up learning fun ways to take nose dives into the water. Then we returned to Sydney, and all drank beer and ate pizza at scubar while relaxing with our new found knowledge and tans.