What A City!

[Original post by Kelly Eung] – September 20, 2009 –

I have walked so much in the last few days… to the point of exhaustion. LOL Mike and El have witnessed this.

Here is a link to my Shutterfly of recent pictures.


To set the record… Elliot’s elbow is looking so much better since I first arrived on Thursday. 🙂 Its not as dramatic as it sounds now. I have been helping him take care of it and he has a check-up later this week. He is healing nicely.

Since I have arrived, El and I went to an art museum, zoo, aquarium, observatory, a few unique shrines, gardens, sumo match and the fish market. 🙂 Yes, I have gone shopping. Gap jeans start at $100US … like what? I did not buy them, but tried them on. Surprisingly, they don’t have “short length.” All jeans are super long here (and I’m super short apparently.)

The food: Sushi is better here… My favorite ice cream (at the Baskin Robins) is hibiscus and rose tea sorbet. YUM! I have tried the ramen/soba and it is very delicious. We go to Mike ‘n Elliot’s favorite joints, and people have mistaken me as their translator. I can see that. I want to speak Chinese back to them, but it doesn’t work.

So far, I am having a fantastic time, and I am looking forward to Disneyland later this week. TTFN! (ta ta for now)