Speaking 4 Languages Together

[Original post by Kelly Eung] – September 23, 2009 –

Last night, Elliot and I joined the French guys and the Netherlands guys out to the karaoke bar for some food and drinks by the hotel. The five band members from Netherlands are planning to play tonight, but unfortunately, Mike, El and I will be heading towards Disneyland. Ordering food was fun with a bunch of Gaijin (the Japanese word for “foreigner”). Between all of us (and our waitress), we spoke Japanese, English, Chinese and French. I originally wanted sashimi and gyoza, but they gave me a modified version of what the restaurant offered instead. I ended up having sweet shrimp (head on/raw) and fried egg rolls. I have had sweet shrimp with the fried head, but I couldn’t stomach the raw brain. I offered the brains to the Japanese speaking French girl, who ate them like they were the usual French fries. No big deal. Lol. Elliot had fried fly fish and fried chicken. I have to say, every where that I had fried chicken has been delicious. It has a nice slightly gingery flavor.

Yesterday was the first day Elliot and I stayed at the hotel all day and didn’t leave the city. I took two naps to recover from the five days of walking. I am developing nicely sculpted calve muscles. I hope to keep them when I come back to Arizona by taking walks after work.

Two days ago, we went to the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Restaurant. El and I had a nice seat by the window which faced the musical fountain. I was surprised at the amount of food that we ordered. The night before, I dreamed about noodles, and I was determined to have noodles that day. I ordered pasta. Elliot ordered spinach artichoke dip, fried chicken (w/ gravy corn `n potatoes), peanut butter chocolate shake, and Bubba’s version of the Oregano’s Pazzuki. The pazzuki was not half-baked like O’s version, but it was still delicious. After our fatty meal, we walked to the Imperial Palace and AROUND the palace. This must have been about a 45 minute walk or more. Perhaps 4 miles or so??? Well, it felt like we walked forever, and I required three walking breaks. The palace was closed due to the Japanese holiday. The walk was well worth it.

Surprisingly, the mosquitoes have treated me well. El eats dessert and ice cream EVERY DAY… and maybe twice a day. With all the sweets he consumes, the little mosquitoes have been biting him more than me. (ha HA)

To be continued…